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Ben Roy is a fast rising star in the stand-up comedy world. A native of Maine now living in Colorado, Roy is poised to take the entertainment industry by storm with his unique blend of rant, sarcastic, observational and high-energy humor. 

Recently featured in the book Mock Stars: Indie Comedy and the Dangerously Funny alongside comedy greats Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford, and Fred Armisen, author John Wenzel described him as, “gloriously erratic, mixing Louis Black’s quivering indignation with Bill Hicks’ vitriol and David Cross’s unapologetic misanthropy.” The Onion A.V. Club said “he’s like a skinny, punk-rock Sam Kinison.” 

Roy is also a member of the Grawlix; hosts of the wildly popular and controversial Grawlix live show and Funny or Die web series. He has been a finalist in several local and national competitions, was selected to perform at the Boston Comedy Festival, the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, the Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival, the MTV Comedy Showcase, and most recently the Just for Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival

After his performances on the New Faces show, he was invited to perform as part of the Best of the Fest. In 2011, the Denver Post picked him as one of seven people in the Denver area as a pathmaker for the following year. 5280 Magazine, Colorado’s most widely distributed magazine, voted him “2011 Top of The Town” in their personalities category. 



I Got Demons (April 2012)

Past Press

"Plenty of comedians do frothing anger and righteous indignation, but Ben Roy’s brand is particularly feral…[he] has clearly studied The Modern Angry Greats, from Bill Hicks and Sam Kinison to Lewis Black and Doug Stanhope. ” - John Wenzel, the Spit Take

"He’s like a skinny, punk-rock Sam Kinison." - The Onion AV Club

Blurring the line between cutting commentator and cornered, rabid dog, Roy balances bile-spitting rants with deft timing and a sensitivity that reveals his underlying intelligence. He’s as likely to lapse into spot-on character studies as he is mystical trances of lacerating social observation.” - Stop the music, but just for laughs


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Management: Conan Smith, Apostle Management // 212.541.4323 


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Greater Than is run by Illegal Pete’s owner Pete Turner, Suburban Home Records founder Virgil Dickerson, and publicist and founder of the Donnybrook Writing Academy, Erin Barnes.

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